CCH Premier Protection

People just like you are at risk from HMRC

That’s why we want you to consider the benefits of a Tax Investigation Service

Fiction: HMRC only investigate those who avoid tax
Fact: Every tax payer is at potential risk of being chosen for investigation
Fiction: You won’t be investigated if your records are accurate and you pay your taxes on time
Fact: HMRC’s inspectors don’t know your record keeping is accurate and up to date; however perfect your bookkeeping is, you can still be investigated
Fiction: I have a great accountant and simple tax affairs
Fact: Unfortunately, HMRC don’t consider who your accountant is when opening an investigation. We are conscientious and will always help manage the risk of a tax investigation but every taxpayer’s situation is unique and the risk can never be eliminated

Did you know?

  • Tax investigations can be deeply intrusive and stressful
  • Tax investigations can be highly disruptive to a business’s operations
  • Tax investigations can be time consuming for all involved and drag on for months or even years
  • HMRC don’t always get it right and, as the taxpayer, you have to prove your innocence

How we can help

To achieve the best outcome from any investigation you need specialist representation and with Premier Protection in place we can dedicate the right level of representation without you having to worry about the spiralling costs.

The service we are offering you - CCH Premier Protection® - will provide you with up to £100,000 of professional costs per incident resulting from an HMRC intervention, including checks into your Tax Return, PAYE, PhD, NIC and VAT affairs

CCH Premier Protection also includes other benefits such as free access to telephone advice services covering employment and personnel, health and safety and commercial legal issues.

Require more information?

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